Taylor & Jordan | The Farm at Glen Haven | Clifton Forge, Virginia

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with the very lovely Taylor and Jordan from Virginia at the incredible Farm at Glen Haven in Clifton Forge.

They’d planned everything while moving across the states and changing careers with the help of the exceptionally talented family members and staff at Glen Haven. This included a beautiful two-level reception area and where everyone was treated to some particularly warm and characterful afternoon sun.

Their main wedding day, which was nothing short of stunning, took place in a large field surrounded by rows of hops to be harvested in the fall for homemade beer. It was very hot on this day and admirably, Taylor and Jordan both wanted to push forward with the outdoor service they’d planned for and I’m so glad they did.

It was a truly amazing and memorable ceremony with Jordan waited with tears filling his eyes when Taylor reached for his hands. Guests waved their makeshift fans, as the sun was bright against the setting of the bride and groom. The atmosphere was palpable and I always become exceptionally aware of just how privileged I am to have been trusted to document such a personal event when things are so emotionally charged.

The resulting images are some of my favorites created during the 2019 season to date.

Once the ceremony was complete it was straight into party mode with some unforgettable moments in the bounce house, dance floor, and even the creek that ran alongside the venue. Some exceptionally heartfelt speeches during the meal,  a proper exit to the night surrounded by sparklers and fireworks.


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