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Day Full of Happy Tears

Sometimes words can’t express all that goes on during a wedding day. Joe and Morgan’s wedding was my wedding this year that moved me so much that it was hard to even edit their wedding photos without having some memory of the emotion behind each photo. Starting in Lynchburg, Virginia at the Craddock Terry Hotel the powerful connections from past to present held over them like a warm Spring day.

Morgan’s mother may not have been able to be at her wedding in person but there was no doubt that she wasn’t there in spirit and she was present in all the items that Morgan held dear. So many items touched by her mother. From the perfume, a message on the bottom of Morgan’s amazing wedding shoes, to even the necklace that displays Morgan’s mom fingerprint. But the most show of raw love was the moment Morgan’s brother placed her mother’s wedding ring on her finger knowing that it now belonged to Morgan for her to cherish and pass on to her own daughter one day.

All of this while Joe was busy being Joe Cool and the rock that he knew he was going to have to be for his future wife. He was super focused at the end goal and that was to make Morgan his wife no matter what and sweep her off her feet and start the future he had been dreaming about forever with her. There are normal men and then there is Joe, not only promising to love and cherish Morgan for the rest of his life but also stepping up to the role and being the stepfather that Morgan’s daughter deserved. Promising her that he will be there for her and do all that he can to live up to the role of being her stepdad.

Then, it was on to the I do’s and the first kiss but that kiss never really stopped the rest of the day. Even going as far as tumbling over top of each other walking down the aisle only focused on themselves. (It was an amazing moment) Usually, I had to tell my couples to stop kissing a few times but I was about to dump cold water on these two. If we had all walked away and left Joe and Morgan there to themselves under those Virginia stars, they would have danced the night away without any idea that anything had changed. But they finally separated and man did they party! Rocking the house and showing some sweet Vanilla Ice moves and all the 90’s rap songs sing off you can think of.

Joe and Morgan had the perfect wedding and the bow that tied all of this together was when they caught a shooting star while sharing a quiet moment in the field. I have no doubt Morgan’s mom had something to do with that.

To Joe and Morgan, thank you from the deepest part of my heart for allowing me to be part of your day. Morgan, keep being that amazing mom you are and I know you will be an amazing wife.  And to you, Joe, may your outstanding character and love continue to grow.




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