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Life Long Friendships

David and I go way back and I mean back to before we were able to grow facial hair. We went to youth group, played football, same college, hung out at each other’s houses, vacationed together, and if David wouldn’t have been in Colorado due to military obligations, even my wedding. It is a friendship that I can look at and know it is true and trustworthy.  I will always be there for him, no matter what it is. So when I get a text message from him saying I met a girl and we are getting married, the excitement level was through the roof. And not just any woman, Jessica, the youth group director at a church in Salem, Virginia that swept David right off his feet by a smile that will light a room. Then they asked me to be their photographer and I don’t think I let Jessica finish asking before I cut her off to say yes!! The first time we met was like we had known each other forever, and she loved David so hard, she made this shy, quiet guy giggle and smile as I had never seen before. I knew she was the one and since David and I were brothers from different mothers I definitely had to sign off. Jessica passed with flying colors.

Their wedding day was predicted to rain all day, it didn’t stop these two. Smiling from ear to ear and giddy at the moment the will finally get to see each other when Jessica walked down the aisle. Due to the weather, they decided to move the wedding ceremony to their reception location at Bedford Country Club in Bedford, Virginia.  It never rained that day, the sun was shining and they were married in front of so many loving faces. They both smiled from ear to ear, holding on to each other as tight as they could and I even got David to spin Jessica around in a circle. Also, they had the most amazing brunch food. Breakfast food is amazing on its own but when you mixed a wedding with it, it goes to another level.

David and Jessica had an amazing day, surrounded by friends and family, and I know that there is nothing that will slow them down from reaching any goal they may have together if they put their faith in each other.

Thank you, David and Jessica, for allowing me to be part of your special day and I pray our friendship continues to grow.




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