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Ross & Caitlin’s Country Wedding

Ross and Caitlin decided on a family-centric wedding on Ross’ family farm just outside of Lynchburg, Virginia. They had their afternoon surrounded by family and friends as the preparation for their ceremony at 5 pm giving us lots of natural light to really show off all that nature had to offer for their special day in the hills of Virginia. Caitlin started her day getting ready for their wedding with their family and friends at Ross’ brother house, while Ross and his groomsmen got ready at his parent’s house.  Their wedding reception took place under a giant white tent, where they dined outside under the stars that couldn’t be slowed even by a thunderstorm that made its presence known.

Outdoor weddings are really amazing affairs! The setting itself is absolutely amazing both inside the house and out in the field. With the help of family members working endlessly to set up a beautiful setting, it really let the true beauty of the country hillside shine! One of my favorite moments here was when Caitlin is walking down the aisle. It was such a long aisle that I had a chance to capture the guests, and grooms’ reaction as they walk.

Their wedding reception was absolutely unforgettable! With a white tent, the flowers, table settings, kids playing area, chalkboards and linens were absolutely perfect for such a beautiful setting. The couple dined outside under the tent with their guests before retreating inside their families garage to continue the celebration when the thunder rolled in! After the storm past and even with the rain still falling, Ross and Caitlin danced the night away with the family and friends who meant the most to them.





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