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Day On The River


Draper and Amanda’s engagement session had been continually put on hold due to the constant rain that we have been having in Lynchburg, Virginia. It feels like every time we would set a date to actually shoot their engagement session, we would get washed out or the James River would be too high for us to actually pull off what we were planning.

You see, Amanda and Draper pretty much live on the river. Draper was born and raised beside the river, learning to fish, canoe, and understand the ways of the river at a young age. Amanda and Draper have even participated in the James River Batteau Festival that begins its seven-day trek out of Lynchburg and concludes in Beaumont, Virginia. They spend time getting away from all that this world seems to speed us up and just appreciate the wonders that Virginia has to offer. When Amanda told me they wanted to do a river session I knew we would have to get in the water some way and Draper came up with the idea of using his families canoe that is over sixty years old. We were all set and just needed a dry period to let the river settle back down before risking getting out in the water.

Finally, the day came and it couldn’t have been a better day to photograph these two. For a June summer day, it was in the low 80’s and had a slight breeze. The only issue was the mosquitoes, those things sounded like 747 airplanes as they buzzed by around our heads! They didn’t slow us down though. We walked all over Draper’s family land near Lynchburg, Virginia. It stretched beside the James River and included open fields, river banks, stacked stones, and plenty of wooded areas. One wooded area stuck out the most for Draper, on the back side of his family’s land there were rows and rows of Walnut trees that had been pruned and cared for what seemed year. It looked like someplace you would see out of a movie, the tree stretched to the heavens as the undergrowth seemed to carpet the ground in a soft green lush.

We continued to a few other spots, each of which had a story or a memory, but on this day Draper and Amanda were creating their own memories on this strip of land on the side of the James River just on the other side of Lynchburg. Thier love for each other can be seen throughout each photo but what stuck out to me the most was how simple they made it seem. They didn’t need all the glitz and glamour to show who they are, they just were themselves and confident with who they are as a couple and where they are going in life.


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