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Calming The Rains

It all ended with two beautiful people married during one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen in my thirty-four years of living in Virginia. However, Amber and Aaron started their wedding day watching the rain, soft at times and a downpour at other times, forecasted to be an all-day event.  It didn’t dampen their faith towards their ultimate goal, to be married to the person they loved on the best day of their lives. Aaron was a pillar of confidence, rocking out to classic country with his groomsmen and repeatedly saying to anyone in earshot, “It’ll stop here soon, we are going to have our wedding” as a way to keep him focused, as well, to keep everyone else calm.  Amber showed soft strength knowing there would be a window to have the outdoor wedding at Sierra Vista that she has been dreaming for over a year about, she just wanted to wait fifteen more minutes.

Time had finally run out and fifteen minutes had come and gone. Each having to make the choice they didn’t want to make,  separated across opposite end of the venue from each other, Aaron and Amber looked outside one last time, saw the rain had slowed to a sprinkle and, what without hesitation, chose to process with the wedding rain or shine.

“Today, I am going to marry Amber and we are going to do it outside, so let’s get this thing going,” shouted a very excited groom.

Twenty minutes later, the chairs had been wiped down, the guest were all seated, and the groomsmen had walked the bridesmaids down the aisle as rain continues to drizzle. All there was left, Aaron, seeing Amber walk out of the cabin and down that aisle towards him for the first time.  Everyone stood, the music started, and out stepped Amber.  Each step she took down the stairs, the sky brightened, the rain slowed, and by the time her foot reached the brick aisle, rays of sunlight was reaching across the sky.  Not another drop hit the ground at Sierra Vista the rest of the day. They could see the rain clouds all around them as they celebrated their love for each other but it only set up for a masterpiece of a sunset.

Amber and Aaron had a goal and nothing was going to stop them from being married, outside, at Sierra Vista in front of their family and friends and that’s just what they did.



To Be Continued……


  1. Jennifer Deane says:

    Absolutely gorgeous beautiful pictures beautiful couple!!!

  2. Maggie says:

    What a great story of a great day. Your bride and the groom have absolutely beautiful photographs. I hope at least one of their sunset photos becomes a large piece of wall art for their home.

  3. Best wedding ever! That sunset was stunning!

  4. April Mobley says:

    What beautiful images from this Sierra Vista wedding! Nice job.

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